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Whole30: Day 18 - On the downward slope.

Hot pot Here we are on day 18.  It's still going well, but if I never see another egg or roasted nut again, it will be too soon.  Thank god for Trader Joe's and some alternative approved snacks. All in all, we've had fun with this.  Granted "the take out dilemma" sucks, but luckily we live in a great ethnic neighborhood with a hot pot restaurant within walking distance.  shrimp, pork, baby bok choy and carrots Over the past 17 days, Lucas has been a great help in the kitchen.  Anyone that has done this fully understands how much planning it takes.  And, to be honest, he's extremely lucky.  I cook for a living.  I menu plan for parties and catering events.  I know what to do with most ingredients.  I can look in the fridge and pull together a beautiful meal without a recipe.  I don't say any of this to brag, but as a "congrats" to all of you that have done this without someone like that.  I can appreciate how difficult all of this may

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